Aartiz outsourced NOC services provide VoIP carriers with 24x7x365 access to VoIP Systems Engineers for provisioning, operation, maintenance and administrative tasks and day-to-day network operations on-demand. Aartiz engineers execute a range of tasks from provisioning of routes to testing with new carriers and vendors, billing and monitoring systems setup.

In addition, Aartiz will perform periodic network health checks and report findings to ensure maximum network availability for service providers and carriers. Aartiz NOC focuses on active monitoring of network components and systems to generate notification alerts for proactive response to any predictable issues. Aartiz’ customised NOC service offering model is ideal for both Primary and Secondary NOC functions, which could also act as an off-shore NOC Disaster Recovery Center.

Aartiz NOC services include:

Round-the-clock monitoring and support

  • Active monitoring of all network elements
  • Phone, email and IM support

Carrier management

  • Both inbound and outbound carrier management
  • NOC-to-NOC communication in setting up interconnections and subsequent operational activities

Operational management of switching infrastructure

  • Switch configuration, testing, optimization based on industry standards
  • Work flow processes to ensure proper management
  • Expert VoIP Technical Staff with years of experience
  • Alert monitoring and resolution
  • Response time is guaranteed under SLA

Reporting and Reviews

  • Circulation of daily Quality of Service (QoS), technical performance, daily business volumes reports, etc.
  • Weekly overall NOC activities report to management
  • Expert VoIP Technical Staff with years of experience
  • Monthly NOC performance summary and any other reports to be prepared and circulated among the client's management team
  • Regular client reviews to monitor performance against Service Level Agreements and work on continuous improvement opportunities


Additional NOC Services provided on request include:


Aartiz offers VoIP switch partitioning services catering specifically to small to medium size VoIP operators. Aartiz is committed to provide the industry’s most reliable, comprehensive and cost effective NGN infrastructure solutions by combining world-class packet voice and convergent OSS/BSS solutions available in the market today. Aartiz Network Operations Center (NOC) will monitor your NGN infrastructure around-the-clock proactively taking action on system alerts, including customer notification, troubleshooting, issue isolation and remote and hands-on services as needed. Our aim is always to provide a resilient and flexible suite of services to suit our clients’ evolving business requirements. Your business will benefit from increased speed to market, maximized margins, and reduced capital investment and operational expenditure.

Aartiz Switch Partition solution includes:

Total privacy for clients' data

Aartiz is highly responsible to keep the privacy on the clients data such as carrier details. According to the system architecture any one client is independent from others so that no one can view others data. System security is strictly handled by the administrator who carries out any changes on the written request from responsible persons.

Unique RSM and iServer with remote access

Every client gets own RSM and iServer partitions which can be accessed through the internet. Two iServers are running on active and standby modes to provide uninterrupted service with highly reliable ISP providers.

Number of scalable sessions as required

Client can use pre-agreed sessions which can be adjusted with a written request to Aartiz at anytime.

IP traceability for the trouble shooting

As per the clients needs, technical support team will schedule a time frame to capture IP traces.


Provides a snapshot of the most relevant indicators of your VoIP network status. Our OSS computes the CDRs to get statistics and produce reports on preset KPIs, and flags based on triggers set on KPIs.

Raw CDRs streaming for clients FTP server

CDRs FTP streaming is provided to client locations for executing own stat or billing tool applications if required.

Latest software upgrades on RSM and iServer

All servers are continuously updated with the latest software versions to provide the latest and best of features.

Maintenance on the systems

Maintenance will be carried out with minimum impact on the traffic. Any maintenance will be pre-communicated among clients with impact details and time periods.

RSM and iServer operational guides PDFs

All technical and operational documents are shared with the clients.